Q1.  Where is your Jackets Creator outlet?

In fact Jackets Creator is an online shopping point where you have unlimited variety of highly trending costumes and jackets which you watch in the popular movie or television series. Regardless the matter where you live, we ship our products throughout the world via Worldwide Web.

Q2. Why should you prefer Jackets Creator?

Simply; because of the availability of current fashion statements the Jackets Creator is the number one choice of every fashion lover. We are very sincere with our each client and help in selecting new trend with quality and best affordable price.  Our staff works hard in preparation of the jackets as well as we are very fast in the delivery of your order. We are ready to serve you 24/7. We are expert in Television series costumes for women and men, movie dresses for men and women and the recent fashion vests and jackets for men and women.

Q3. Do you help in crafting the same design which I have?

First you need to understand that Jackets Creator is the solution of your entire problem relating fashionable and remarkable dresses. If you want to an outfit according to your design, just send us the same pattern with complete details. You will get the best replica.

Q4. What is the procedure of the payment for a jacket?

Jackets Creator has selected SSL for its valued customers. We accept payments from PayPal, Debit/Credit Card and Discover. We do not prefer cash or checks if you buy any product from us.

Q5. Is free shipping for all countries?

Jackets Creator gives the facility of free shipping to all clients throughout the world. But according to the international law, we do not deliver our products to Israel and OFAC countries and the country which is having a war. We ship jackets to Brazil, Sweden, Virgin, Japan and Slovenia with extra shipping charges.

Q6. If I have selected a jacket but if I m not satisfy for size; what should I do?

No worries! Jackets Creator has a size chart opportunity for your perfect size. Read the detail of size chart and do the correct measurement of your body. You have also the option of emailing us. Send us your measurement at jacketscreator.com and we are ready to help you in this way. We will guide you properly step by step. By this method, you will not face any difficulty for size.

Q7. What is the procedure of returning the jackets if it is not according to my size?

According to our 30 days easy return policy after the date of delivery is very helpful in this way. You can exchange or return our products but only within 30 days of delivery date. You can also get the full refund within prescribed time. But be careful the personalized or other customized products are not returned for refund or exchange under any conditions.

Q8. Generally how much time is required to reach a jacket at the address?

As the matter of fact, the manufacturing process takes 10-12 working days normally. 8-9 days are needed for designing, cutting, stitching, checking. After it 3 days are required for packing then we ship-off your order.

Q9. I am not satisfied with the given sizes; may I have custom fit jacket?

Sure, you can choose “Custom size”. Just select a size and scroll down at the product and order us. Provide us your sizing details in the comment box. If you have placed order, send us your correct body measurement at Jacketscreator.com. Keep in mind that measurements include height, weight, chest and waist.

Q10. How long it will take time for the process of a custom order?

As we receive your detailed measurement, it takes around 30 business days to ship your custom order.

Q11. Is there any limit for orders?

No, you can order us just a single product or for several costumes. We appreciate you and send the best quality products.

Q12. Do you offer any discount if I order five or more coats or jackets?

Yes, you can avail the overall maximum discount if you are purchasing at least 5 coats or jackets at the same time. If you require large number of jackets such as up to 100 or 200 for an event, you get maximum discounts. You must contact us in this case at jacketscreator.com before placing your order.

Q13. Do you have variety of color leathers?

Yup, we have unlimited varieties of leather outfits.

Q14.Which material does Jackets Creators use for lining?

According to the requirement we use high quality viscose, pure cotton or satin fabric inner lining.

Q15. How can I know when my order is dispatched?

When your product is dispatched from our warehouse the related shipping and delivery department sends you an email with all details about product and your contact.

Q16. In case of late delivery what should I do?

It is not a big issue; your tracking number keeps you up to date about the information of your placed order. If it becomes late contact us at jacketscreator.com.

Q17. If I receive defective product what should I do?

We serve with sincerity but in case if you receive any defective order you must contact us with our customer service team along with:

  • Order number
  • Defective item’s name and number
  • Details of the defect

We replace your item very quickly within 24 hours of your report.

Q18.Why was my payment not received; any solution?

Due to the following reasons your payment may be dropped:

  • Wrong billing address and phone number:

You must be sure that the billing address which you have entered in your account must relate with your payment method.

  • Credit/Debit Card Number:

Your credit card or debit card number must be correct and updated.

  • Credit Card limit reached:

Check your credit card limit before making payments. It is possible that we tried to charge but your daily or total credit card limit has been reached. Enter a new credit card with higher credit limit.

  • PayPal account out of funds:

If you are choosing PayPal for payment, make sure the funds are present in your PayPal account.

  • Credit/Debit Card Expiration date:

Check the expiration date given on your credit card or debit card. If the card expires, update credit card or debit card then do payments.

Q19. The customs and import charges will be apply on my package?

  1. Mostly, customs or import duties are charged once when the parcel reaches at the destination country. It is taken when you receive your order. (it is same fro wholesale and retail customers)
  2. Jacketscreator.com is not concern with these charges therefore we do not have any idea about the exact cost. The customs policies and import duties charges vary from place to place.
  3. Simple contact your local custom office for recent update of charges before placing an order. It will help you in managing you the expense.

Q20. What is the difference between genuine leather and faux leather?

Genuine leather refers to the material which is produced from the skin of an animal. The leather fibers may be glued together to form a sheet of material that looks similar to the real leather. Faux leather is the blend of fabric base which is chemically treated with wax, dye or polyurethane for color and texture. It is manmade leather and the cost is inexpensive. It looks good and similar to real leather.

Q21. How can I know the status of my order during procedure?

When you ask, we send the Order ID to the related department to know the current status of your order. After 24 hours the department up dates you the status of your order.

Q22. When will I get tracking number?

You will receive the tracking number within 24 to 36 hours after when your order has been dispatched from our company.